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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to QLS/Querétaro?

   From Mexico City Airport: There are direct buses from the Mexico City International Airport to Queretaro from 7:00 a.m. to 10:55 p.m. all day everyday (including holidays). Upon leaving the customs area just look for the signs that say Ground Transport with the picture of a bus. By following those signs you will come to a row of kiosks selling bus tickets. Please look for a kiosk that PRIMERA PLUS. This service has buses that leave for Querétaro approximately every 30 minutes all day, everyday. The ticket will cost ~$25.00 U.S. per person and the ride should take 2-3 hours.

   Once you get to the Querétaro Bus Terminal, look for a orange kiosk with mirrored glass windows (it should be immediately in front of you when you enter) and it should also have a sign saying taxi. At that booth ask for a taxi to "el centro". They will ask you to pay ~$37.00 MX and give you a ticket. Simply walk out the terminal to the line of taxis. Give the ticket to the person there who will scan the ticket and your taxi and tell them where you would like to go (Homestay, QLS campus or your Hotel) and you will be on your way. The taxi ride to anywhere in or around the center should take about 10-15 minutes.

   From Queretaro Airport: Upon leaving the customs and baggage claim area look for a kiosk that says TAXI. The airport is very small and the kiosk is right there as you enter the main area. At that booth ask for a taxi to "el centro". The private taxi costs $25.00 U.S. and the shared shuttle costs $10.00 U.S. per person. After you pay simply walk out the front of the terminal and you will be lead to your taxi. Tell them where you would like to go (Homestay, QLS campus or your Hotel) and you will be on your way. The taxi ride to anywhere in or around the center should take about 25-30 minutes as the airport is a bit outside of the city.

Do you offer airport pickups?

    Yes. We work with a private multilingual shuttle service (their drivers speak English, German and Spanish) for airport pickups. This service can pick up and drop off students from the Mexico City, Querétaro, Leon and San Luis Potosi airports. Please contact us for the costs.

What is the weather like in Queretero?

    Querétaro has a mild temperate climate with dry winters and comfortably warm summers. The days may reach the 80’s with nights cooling into the 40’s and 50’s. The warmest season is typically April through early June with December being the coldest month typically around 72 during the day. Summers could bring some cooling thunderstorms.

Will my cell phone work in Mexico?

    Cell phone usage is popular in Mexico. Please check that you have an international phone service with your provider or you can purchase disposable cell phones in Queretero.

When do classes start?

   The Queretaro Language School has rolling admission. Group classes can start on any Monday of the year and private classes can start any day of the week.

What time to classes begin?

    Group classes begin weekdays at 9:00 am, however private classes may begin at the hour of your choosing.

How far in advance do I need to register?

   The Queretaro Language School can make all the necessary arrangements for you to start classes with as little as 24 hours notice. That being said we do appreciate at least a 1 week advance registration whenever possible.

Are the Homestays within walking distance of the school?

   Yes. All QLS Mexican Homestays are in walking distance of our campus in the historic center of Queretaro. The walking time can be between 1-25 minutes depending on the Homestay and the pace at which the Spanish student walks.

Are rooms available at the school?

   Yes. Yes, rooms are available most weeks of the year. This housing option does not include meals however students have access to a small kitchen and restaurants are close by.

Can the Homestay accommodate special dietary or lifestyle needs?

   Yes. We have Homestays that are able to cater to almost all needs. This includes but is not limited to physical needs (handicap accessible and friendly houses), animal friendly Homestays, and dietary needs (vegetarian, vegan, food allergies, religious, etc). If you have any other specific concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How do I pay for everything?

   Your registration confirmation email will include a variety of convenient ways to make payment for your fees.

What is the best way to get cash in Queretaro, Mexico?

   Within 2 blocks of the Querétaro Language School campus in the heart of the historic downtown there are over 15 ATM machines and 8 bank branches (Banamex, HSBC, Scotiabank, IXE among others). We typically recommend that students simply bring their ATM cards and withdraw the money from the ATM's in town. The exchange rates and fees at the ATM's tend to be lower than in the money exchange booths (casa de cambios).

   We also recommend checking with your bank back home if they have relationships with any banks in Mexico. If they do, you can usually save on getting money out of specific ATM's.

Will I receive a certificate from the school once classes are completed?

   Yes. Certificates of attendance with the school seal and signature of the director will be provided on request. The certificate will include the dates you studied with us, the total number of hours of classes taken and the level of Spanish achieved.


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